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Soil vapour extraction
As solution for the removal of semi-volatile contaminants from the unsaturated soil strata we offer Soil-Vapour Extraction, in accordance with VDI3897. Semi-volatile contaminants accumulate within porespaces in the soil matrix due to their physical characteristics and can therefore be removed from soil through a series of vapour extraction wells. An extraction range of up to 20m can be attained from any one va-pour extraction well, depending on soil composition and sealing of the ground sur-face. The size of the Soil-Vapour Extraction installation and determination of extrac-tion range from wells can only be achieved through test-runs of the extraction system in advance, in accordance with the ITVA Guidelines.
This particular process can often aid in avoiding soil excavation for remediation pur-poses, therefore adapting itself well to sites with built structures that would otherwise require alteration or partial demolition for ground excavations.
In special cases, Soil-Vapour Extraction can also be used for soil preparation on highly contaminated sites before excavation works. This would assist in achieving the work-safety conditions (ie. Minimum volatile concentrations in workspace) required before excavation works commence.
Through this process, increased soil-vapour contaminant concentrations in the range of 1000mg/m³ can be reduced to <5mg/m³ with limited technical input over a short period of time. This makes soil-vapour extraction an efficient and cost-effective way to remove volatile contaminants from soil.
We also incorporate on a case-to-case basis the Soil-Vapour Extraction process to-gether with our Oil-Phase Extraction technology (refer to Schlürfkopf section) to sup-port the mobilisation of oil-phase liquids. Reduction in the potential for contamina-tion can therefore also be achieved through removal of volatile components out of the oil- phase liquid, while simultaneously obtaining the required liquid mobilisation.
Soil-Vapour Extraction is also used as a supporting measure for Groundwater Re-mediation (Air Sparging). Semi- volatile contaminants in the saturated soil strata are driven out through injection of air into the aquifer, allowing them to be collected through soil vapour.
Depending on flow rate and contaminant concentrations in soil-vapour, we also em-ploy Biofilters, Activated-Carbon Filters or catalytic Exhaust-Oxidation to assist in cleaning of the soil-vapour.
Soil vapour extraction installation (SVCH contaminated soil vapour)
Soil vapour extraction in urban area with traffic safety