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Contaminated land investigation, as well as laboratory experiments leading up to a remedation give information about the possible and most efficient remediation methods.
Technical competence and high quality standards during the construction of groundwater monitoring points and withdrawal wells are carried out in a manner to prevent groundwater disturbance, in particular with regard to the hydrogeological and hydraulic conditions and the exact determination of the relevant contaminants.
The assessment of the remediation progress and success requires the basic principle of regular recording, evaluation and inspection of the chemical and physical characteristics of the groundwater and soil. In this way a prompt modification or alteration to the installation is possible.
The installation, operation and maintenance of the system is achieved through our specifically and technically qualified staff.
For all activities (installation, operation and maintenance of remediation plants) with substances which are hazardous to water ARGUS has the approval acc. to WHG (monitoring by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH).
ARGUS Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH operates remediation installations based on the strength of the technique and compliance with the applicable standards and guidelines, e.g. VDI-Guidelines, TA Air, BImSchG, Technical Regulations der DVGW und DVWK.
A monitoring and maintenance plan is produced by the project leadership group based on the requirements for an assured system operation.
Fundamental Methods for Quality Assurance regarding Remediation:
Control of fundamental characteristics of the installation technique
Desired- and actual-values of the process parameters
Continuous remote monitoring of the remediation installation
Rotational on-site control
Prompt disturbance rectification
Specifications fort he documentation of process parameters
Regular maintenance of particular installation parts (e.g. pumps)
Self-monitoring of relevant analysis parameters at particular points within the installation
Remote monitoring
approval acc. to WHG
Quality management